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A11yJSON: A harmonized data schema for describing the accessibility of physical places

This repository contains a unified data format that describes the accessibility of places, facilities and services.

It’s the result of looking at accessibility datasets that we got from organizations all over the world. Our aim is to allow any other accessibility API data format to be convertible to this harmonized format in a way that makes the result easier to consume.

Our goal is to make the world more accessible for everybody — which is easier if everybody uses the same (or at least similar) language when sharing accessibility data.

This is the successor of the data schema we use for accessibility.cloud, one of the biggest data exchange providers for accessibility data, by Wheelmap.org, and other organizations. Some international sources already provide consumable data in this schema. You can find them–in most cases as open data–on https://www.accessibility.cloud.

The specification

The format is based on the GeoJSON format (RFC 7946).

We have an overview of interfaces and types, and a more extensive TypeDoc-based documentation.

Some examples:

  • Describe places of interest with the PlaceInfo and PlaceProperties interfaces
  • Describe the accessibility of a place of interest with the Accessibility interface
  • Places can have restrooms (described in every detail by the Restroom interface)
  • Places can have equipment like elevators or escalators, including realtime operational status information. Use the EquipmentProperties interface for describing facilities.

Even if you cannot adapt the whole format as part of your own indoor mapping specs, it’s a good idea to adapt single interfaces where you see fit.

Using A11yJSON as a TypeScript library

We wrote the definitions in TypeScript for compile-time validation and web compatibility. The code supports validating data records at runtime using SimpleSchema. SimpleSchema is convertible to other schemes (e.g. GraphQL, JSON LD, JSON Schema, …), if necessary.

You can integrate the library into your web or backend projects as @sozialhelden/a11yjson npm module.

Installing the npm module

  npm install --save @sozialhelden/a11yjson


// This imports only one schema interface, `PlaceInfoSchema`, from A11yJSON.
// See the documentation below for all available interfaces.

import { PlaceInfoSchema } from '@sozialhelden/ac-format';

// This could be your GeoJSON feature.
const myGeoJSONFeature = {
  geometry: { … }
  properties: { … }

// See https://github.com/aldeed/simple-schema-js for the full documentation of how validation works.
const validationContext = PlaceInfoSchema.newContext();

// Sanitizes the input object.
// Converts types automatically if possible, e.g. convert string values to numbers where the schema demands numbers.
const sanitizedGeoJSONFeature = PlaceInfoSchema.clean(myGeoJSONFeature);

// Validate the GeoJSON feature against A11yJSON’s `PlaceInfo` schema.

if (!validationContext.isValid()) {
  const errors = validationContext.validationErrors();
  // `errors` is a JSON object with detailled validation infos about each field in the input object.

Physical quantities, rating scales and personal profiles

We found a lot of datasets claiming that places are (not) accessible for arbitrary categories of people. As an example, a data source might claim that a place is not accessible for wheelchair users, but does not mention that this is because the entrance has a step. For wheelchair users that can climb a step as long as it’s not too high, a data point like this is misleading.

A solution for better data quality is to let each individual make their own decision about the accessibility of something—if you collect or share data, measure physical attributes of places instead of target group-based data. If possible, also avoid rating scales, as their interpretation is difficult.

Internationalization (I18n)

You can localize all human-readable strings using JSON objects with IETF language tags as property names and the translations as property values:

  "en": "Accessibility",
  "de": "Zugänglichkeit",
  "zh-Hans": "无障碍",
  "ase": "https://www.handspeak.com/word/search/index.php?id=1643"

This is optional - the specification allows to simply use a string, too.

We encourage you to localize your strings—If available, you can even use IETF sign language tags (like ase for American Sign Language) for adding sign language localization using video, image or website URLs.

Bad examples with better solutions

  • Bad: ‘The place is not accessible in a wheelchair’ - Better: ‘There is one step at the entrance, its height is 2 inches’
  • Bad: ‘The sitemap is accessible for blind people’ – Better: ‘The sitemap is available in braille’ or ‘The sitemap has high contrast and uses big fonts’
  • Bad: ‘The staff is trained in accomodating people with disabilities’ – Better: Explain which facilities or services exist in detail
  • Bad: A rating that says ‘Wheelchair users gave this place 3/5 stars’ – Better: Explain the facilities wheelchair users can find at the place. Is there a step at the entrance? Is there a wheelchair-accessible toilet? Do you need a special key to use it? Etc.

Examples of helpful, measurable data points

  • ‘The entrance has an automatic door’
  • ‘The entrance has one step with 4cm height
  • ‘There is a braille sitemap with raised letters and shapes’
  • ‘There are side rails with braille navigation’
  • ‘All floors have tactile paving’
  • ‘All elevators have speech output, but no braille controls’
  • ‘The audition hall has an induction loop’
  • ‘The menu has a photo of each dish’

While we need datasets and UIs that have a simple design and are easy to understand, the data itself should define measurable properties of a place only. Interpretation should always be a separated step. Describe places, not people!


While analyzing accessibility data sets, we often encountered unclear definitions of quantities. Should we define a length in imperial or metric units, and which prefix should we use – centimeters or meters, for example? a11yjson allows us to use any quantity+unit strings that js-quantities supports as input.

As the measurement data is SI-unit based, you can use them with any code that supports SI units:

Each attribute definition contains a preferred unit. When saving quantities, you have to specify them with a unit. You can provide measures as fixed quantities, but also with constraints and uncertainty or variance. This allows for fuzzy quantities when the measurement method is imprecise, for example when a person guesses the width of a door, or when you want to transform a data source that has averaged data calculated from measurements of more than one object.

Besides value and unit, you can save the original data value as string representation to debug conversion errors.

What if I want to make my data available, but my infrastructure does not support JavaScript/SimpleSchema/your nesting…?

If you want to make your data available on accessibility.cloud, it’s enough if your own data format is as close as possible to the attribute names / nesting described here. The more platforms use the same format, the easier it gets to share accessibility data. With accessibility.cloud, it’s possible to import data delivered in different schemas and formats.

We encourage you to implement as many attributes as possible in your project!


This project is not complete and will never be. We're open to your suggestions and comments, no matter if you share data yourself or want to consume them from accessibility.cloudsend an email to us or create an issue or pull request!


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Type aliases



Object literals

Type aliases


A11yRating: "yes" | "no" | "partial" | "unknown"


Address: StructuredAddress | string


AndRule: object

Type declaration

  • $and: ReadonlyArray<Rule>


Comparable: number | string | Quantity


DefinedValue: object

Type declaration

  • $defined: true


Equals: object

Type declaration


EquipmentTypes: "bed" | "wardrobe" | "elevator" | "escalator" | "movingWalkway" | "ramp" | "hoist" | "stairLift" | "switch" | "sitemap" | "vendingMachine" | "intercom" | "powerOutlet"


ExistsValue: object

Type declaration

  • $exists: boolean


ExtendedSchema: object & SimpleSchema


FieldTypes: "yesno" | "float" | "int"


ForEachKeyInSchemasCallbackFunction: function

Type declaration

    • (schema: SimpleSchema, path: string, pathFromRoot: string, hasChildren: boolean): void
    • Parameters

      • schema: SimpleSchema
      • path: string
      • pathFromRoot: string
      • hasChildren: boolean

      Returns void


Geometry: PointGeometry


GreaterThan: object

Type declaration


GreaterThanEquals: object

Type declaration


IetfLanguageTag: "af" | "af-NA" | "af-ZA" | "agq" | "agq-CM" | "ak" | "ak-GH" | "am" | "am-ET" | "ar" | "ar-001" | "ar-AE" | "ar-BH" | "ar-DJ" | "ar-DZ" | "ar-EG" | "ar-EH" | "ar-ER" | "ar-IL" | "ar-IQ" | "ar-JO" | "ar-KM" | "ar-KW" | "ar-LB" | "ar-LY" | "ar-MA" | "ar-MR" | "ar-OM" | "ar-PS" | "ar-QA" | "ar-SA" | "ar-SD" | "ar-SO" | "ar-SS" | "ar-SY" | "ar-TD" | "ar-TN" | "ar-YE" | "as" | "as-IN" | "asa" | "asa-TZ" | "ast" | "ast-ES" | "az" | "az-Cyrl" | "az-Cyrl-AZ" | "az-Latn" | "az-Latn-AZ" | "bas" | "bas-CM" | "be" | "be-BY" | "bem" | "bem-ZM" | "bez" | "bez-TZ" | "bg" | "bg-BG" | "bm" | "bm-ML" | "bn" | "bn-BD" | "bn-IN" | "bo" | "bo-CN" | "bo-IN" | "br" | "br-FR" | "brx" | "brx-IN" | "bs" | "bs-Cyrl" | "bs-Cyrl-BA" | "bs-Latn" | "bs-Latn-BA" | "ca" | "ca-AD" | "ca-ES" | "ca-ES-VALENCIA" | "ca-FR" | "ca-IT" | "ccp" | "ccp-BD" | "ccp-IN" | "ce" | "ce-RU" | "cgg" | "cgg-UG" | "chr" | "chr-US" | "ckb" | "ckb-IQ" | "ckb-IR" | "cs" | "cs-CZ" | "cu" | "cu-RU" | "cy" | "cy-GB" | "da" | "da-DK" | "da-GL" | "dav" | "dav-KE" | "de" | "de-AT" | "de-BE" | "de-CH" | "de-DE" | "de-IT" | "de-LI" | "de-LU" | "dje" | "dje-NE" | "dsb" | "dsb-DE" | "dua" | "dua-CM" | "dyo" | "dyo-SN" | "dz" | "dz-BT" | "ebu" | "ebu-KE" | "ee" | "ee-GH" | "ee-TG" | "el" | "el-CY" | "el-GR" | "en" | "en-001" | "en-150" | "en-AG" | "en-AI" | "en-AS" | "en-AT" | "en-AU" | "en-BB" | "en-BE" | "en-BI" | "en-BM" | "en-BS" | "en-BW" | "en-BZ" | "en-CA" | "en-CC" | "en-CH" | "en-CK" | "en-CM" | "en-CX" | "en-CY" | "en-DE" | "en-DG" | "en-DK" | "en-DM" | "en-ER" | "en-FI" | "en-FJ" | "en-FK" | "en-FM" | "en-GB" | "en-GD" | "en-GG" | "en-GH" | "en-GI" | "en-GM" | "en-GU" | "en-GY" | "en-HK" | "en-IE" | "en-IL" | "en-IM" | "en-IN" | "en-IO" | "en-JE" | "en-JM" | "en-KE" | "en-KI" | "en-KN" | "en-KY" | "en-LC" | "en-LR" | "en-LS" | "en-MG" | "en-MH" | "en-MO" | "en-MP" | "en-MS" | "en-MT" | "en-MU" | "en-MW" | "en-MY" | "en-NA" | "en-NF" | "en-NG" | "en-NL" | "en-NR" | "en-NU" | "en-NZ" | "en-PG" | "en-PH" | "en-PK" | "en-PN" | "en-PR" | "en-PW" | "en-RW" | "en-SB" | "en-SC" | "en-SD" | "en-SE" | "en-SG" | "en-SH" | "en-SI" | "en-SL" | "en-SS" | "en-SX" | "en-SZ" | "en-TC" | "en-TK" | "en-TO" | "en-TT" | "en-TV" | "en-TZ" | "en-UG" | "en-UM" | "en-US" | "en-US-POSIX" | "en-VC" | "en-VG" | "en-VI" | "en-VU" | "en-WS" | "en-ZA" | "en-ZM" | "en-ZW" | "eo" | "eo-001" | "es" | "es-419" | "es-AR" | "es-BO" | "es-BR" | "es-BZ" | "es-CL" | "es-CO" | "es-CR" | "es-CU" | "es-DO" | "es-EA" | "es-EC" | "es-ES" | "es-GQ" | "es-GT" | "es-HN" | "es-IC" | "es-MX" | "es-NI" | "es-PA" | "es-PE" | "es-PH" | "es-PR" | "es-PY" | "es-SV" | "es-US" | "es-UY" | "es-VE" | "et" | "et-EE" | "eu" | "eu-ES" | "ewo" | "ewo-CM" | "fa" | "fa-AF" | "fa-IR" | "ff" | "ff-Latn" | "ff-Latn-BF" | "ff-Latn-CM" | "ff-Latn-GH" | "ff-Latn-GM" | "ff-Latn-GN" | "ff-Latn-GW" | "ff-Latn-LR" | "ff-Latn-MR" | "ff-Latn-NE" | "ff-Latn-NG" | "ff-Latn-SL" | "ff-Latn-SN" | "fi" | "fi-FI" | "fil" | "fil-PH" | "fo" | "fo-DK" | "fo-FO" | "fr" | "fr-BE" | "fr-BF" | "fr-BI" | "fr-BJ" | "fr-BL" | "fr-CA" | "fr-CD" | "fr-CF" | "fr-CG" | "fr-CH" | "fr-CI" | "fr-CM" | "fr-DJ" | "fr-DZ" | "fr-FR" | "fr-GA" | "fr-GF" | "fr-GN" | "fr-GP" | "fr-GQ" | "fr-HT" | "fr-KM" | "fr-LU" | "fr-MA" | "fr-MC" | "fr-MF" | "fr-MG" | "fr-ML" | "fr-MQ" | "fr-MR" | "fr-MU" | "fr-NC" | "fr-NE" | "fr-PF" | "fr-PM" | "fr-RE" | "fr-RW" | "fr-SC" | "fr-SN" | "fr-SY" | "fr-TD" | "fr-TG" | "fr-TN" | "fr-VU" | "fr-WF" | "fr-YT" | "fur" | "fur-IT" | "fy" | "fy-NL" | "ga" | "ga-IE" | "gd" | "gd-GB" | "gl" | "gl-ES" | "gsw" | "gsw-CH" | "gsw-FR" | "gsw-LI" | "gu" | "gu-IN" | "guz" | "guz-KE" | "gv" | "gv-IM" | "ha" | "ha-GH" | "ha-NE" | "ha-NG" | "haw" | "haw-US" | "he" | "he-IL" | "hi" | "hi-IN" | "hr" | "hr-BA" | "hr-HR" | "hsb" | "hsb-DE" | "hu" | "hu-HU" | "hy" | "hy-AM" | "ia" | "ia-001" | "id" | "id-ID" | "ig" | "ig-NG" | "ii" | "ii-CN" | "is" | "is-IS" | "it" | "it-CH" | "it-IT" | "it-SM" | "it-VA" | "ja" | "ja-JP" | "jgo" | "jgo-CM" | "jmc" | "jmc-TZ" | "jv" | "jv-ID" | "ka" | "ka-GE" | "kab" | "kab-DZ" | "kam" | "kam-KE" | "kde" | "kde-TZ" | "kea" | "kea-CV" | "khq" | "khq-ML" | "ki" | "ki-KE" | "kk" | "kk-KZ" | "kkj" | "kkj-CM" | "kl" | "kl-GL" | "kln" | "kln-KE" | "km" | "km-KH" | "kn" | "kn-IN" | "ko" | "ko-KP" | "ko-KR" | "kok" | "kok-IN" | "ks" | "ks-IN" | "ksb" | "ksb-TZ" | "ksf" | "ksf-CM" | "ksh" | "ksh-DE" | "ku" | "ku-TR" | "kw" | "kw-GB" | "ky" | "ky-KG" | "lag" | "lag-TZ" | "lb" | "lb-LU" | "lg" | "lg-UG" | "lkt" | "lkt-US" | "ln" | "ln-AO" | "ln-CD" | "ln-CF" | "ln-CG" | "lo" | "lo-LA" | "lrc" | "lrc-IQ" | "lrc-IR" | "lt" | "lt-LT" | "lu" | "lu-CD" | "luo" | "luo-KE" | "luy" | "luy-KE" | "lv" | "lv-LV" | "mas" | "mas-KE" | "mas-TZ" | "mer" | "mer-KE" | "mfe" | "mfe-MU" | "mg" | "mg-MG" | "mgh" | "mgh-MZ" | "mgo" | "mgo-CM" | "mi" | "mi-NZ" | "mk" | "mk-MK" | "ml" | "ml-IN" | "mn" | "mn-MN" | "mr" | "mr-IN" | "ms" | "ms-BN" | "ms-MY" | "ms-SG" | "mt" | "mt-MT" | "mua" | "mua-CM" | "my" | "my-MM" | "mzn" | "mzn-IR" | "naq" | "naq-NA" | "nb" | "nb-NO" | "nb-SJ" | "nd" | "nd-ZW" | "nds" | "nds-DE" | "nds-NL" | "ne" | "ne-IN" | "ne-NP" | "nl" | "nl-AW" | "nl-BE" | "nl-BQ" | "nl-CW" | "nl-NL" | "nl-SR" | "nl-SX" | "nmg" | "nmg-CM" | "nn" | "nn-NO" | "nnh" | "nnh-CM" | "nus" | "nus-SS" | "nyn" | "nyn-UG" | "om" | "om-ET" | "om-KE" | "or" | "or-IN" | "os" | "os-GE" | "os-RU" | "pa" | "pa-Arab" | "pa-Arab-PK" | "pa-Guru" | "pa-Guru-IN" | "pl" | "pl-PL" | "prg" | "prg-001" | "ps" | "ps-AF" | "pt" | "pt-AO" | "pt-BR" | "pt-CH" | "pt-CV" | "pt-GQ" | "pt-GW" | "pt-LU" | "pt-MO" | "pt-MZ" | "pt-PT" | "pt-ST" | "pt-TL" | "qu" | "qu-BO" | "qu-EC" | "qu-PE" | "rm" | "rm-CH" | "rn" | "rn-BI" | "ro" | "ro-MD" | "ro-RO" | "rof" | "rof-TZ" | "root" | "ru" | "ru-BY" | "ru-KG" | "ru-KZ" | "ru-MD" | "ru-RU" | "ru-UA" | "rw" | "rw-RW" | "rwk" | "rwk-TZ" | "sah" | "sah-RU" | "saq" | "saq-KE" | "sbp" | "sbp-TZ" | "sd" | "sd-PK" | "se" | "se-FI" | "se-NO" | "se-SE" | "seh" | "seh-MZ" | "ses" | "ses-ML" | "sg" | "sg-CF" | "shi" | "shi-Latn" | "shi-Latn-MA" | "shi-Tfng" | "shi-Tfng-MA" | "si" | "si-LK" | "sk" | "sk-SK" | "sl" | "sl-SI" | "smn" | "smn-FI" | "sn" | "sn-ZW" | "so" | "so-DJ" | "so-ET" | "so-KE" | "so-SO" | "sq" | "sq-AL" | "sq-MK" | "sq-XK" | "sr" | "sr-Cyrl" | "sr-Cyrl-BA" | "sr-Cyrl-ME" | "sr-Cyrl-RS" | "sr-Cyrl-XK" | "sr-Latn" | "sr-Latn-BA" | "sr-Latn-ME" | "sr-Latn-RS" | "sr-Latn-XK" | "sv" | "sv-AX" | "sv-FI" | "sv-SE" | "sw" | "sw-CD" | "sw-KE" | "sw-TZ" | "sw-UG" | "ta" | "ta-IN" | "ta-LK" | "ta-MY" | "ta-SG" | "te" | "te-IN" | "teo" | "teo-KE" | "teo-UG" | "tg" | "tg-TJ" | "th" | "th-TH" | "ti" | "ti-ER" | "ti-ET" | "tk" | "tk-TM" | "to" | "to-TO" | "tr" | "tr-CY" | "tr-TR" | "tt" | "tt-RU" | "twq" | "twq-NE" | "tzm" | "tzm-MA" | "ug" | "ug-CN" | "uk" | "uk-UA" | "ur" | "ur-IN" | "ur-PK" | "uz" | "uz-Arab" | "uz-Arab-AF" | "uz-Cyrl" | "uz-Cyrl-UZ" | "uz-Latn" | "uz-Latn-UZ" | "vai" | "vai-Latn" | "vai-Latn-LR" | "vai-Vaii" | "vai-Vaii-LR" | "vi" | "vi-VN" | "vo" | "vo-001" | "vun" | "vun-TZ" | "wae" | "wae-CH" | "wo" | "wo-SN" | "xh" | "xh-ZA" | "xog" | "xog-UG" | "yav" | "yav-CM" | "yi" | "yi-001" | "yo" | "yo-BJ" | "yo-NG" | "yue" | "yue-Hans" | "yue-Hans-CN" | "yue-Hant" | "yue-Hant-HK" | "zgh" | "zgh-MA" | "zh" | "zh-Hans" | "zh-Hans-CN" | "zh-Hans-HK" | "zh-Hans-MO" | "zh-Hans-SG" | "zh-Hant" | "zh-Hant-HK" | "zh-Hant-MO" | "zh-Hant-TW" | "zu" | "zu-ZA"


IetfLanguageTagOrSignLanguageCode: IetfLanguageTag | SignLanguageCode


KoboAttachment: object

Type declaration

  • download_url: string
  • filename: string
  • id: number
  • instance: number
  • mimetype: string
  • xform: number


KoboKey: keyof KoboResult


KoboResult: object

Type declaration

  • __version__: string
  • _attachments: KoboAttachment[]
  • Optional _bamboo_dataset_id: undefined | string
  • _geolocation: [number, number]
  • _id: number
  • Optional _notes: unknown[]
  • _status: string
  • _submission_time: unknown
  • _submitted_by: unknown | null
  • Optional _tags: unknown[]
  • _uuid: string
  • _validation_status: unknown
  • Optional _xform_id_string: undefined | string
  • deviceid: string
  • end: string
  • feedback/feedback_matrix/no_interaction_problems: string
  • feedback/feedback_matrix/questions_fits_this_place: string
  • formhub/uuid: string
  • has_phone_number: YesNoResult
  • inquire/are_service_animals_allowed: YesNoResult
  • inquire/media/has_audio: YesNoResult
  • inquire/media/has_braille: YesNoResult
  • inquire/media/has_large_print: YesNoResult
  • inquire/staff_can_speak_sign_lang: YesNoResult
  • inquire/staff_has_disabled_training: YesNoResult
  • inquire/staff_spoken_sign_langs: string
  • inside/has_wide_aisles: YesNoResult
  • inside/is_quiet: YesNoResult
  • inside/is_well_lit: YesNoResult
  • inside/toilet/basin_inside_cabin: YesNoResult
  • inside/toilet/basin_wheelchair_fits_belows: YesNoResult
  • inside/toilet/basin_wheelchair_reachable: YesNoResult
  • inside/toilet/door_width: string
  • inside/toilet/free_space_front: string
  • inside/toilet/free_space_left: string
  • inside/toilet/free_space_right: string
  • inside/toilet/has_arm_rests: string
  • inside/toilet/has_basin: YesNoResult
  • inside/toilet/has_toilet: YesNoResult
  • inside/toilet/seat_height: string
  • inside/toilet/stepless_access: YesNoResult
  • inside/toilet/toilet_photo: string
  • is_wheelchair_accessible: YesNoPartiallyResult
  • meta/instanceID: string
  • outside/category/category_sub: string
  • outside/category/category_top: string
  • outside/entrance/has_automatic_door: YesNoResult
  • outside/entrance/has_door: YesNoResult
  • outside/entrance/has_entrance: YesNoResult
  • outside/entrance/has_fixed_ramp: YesNoResult
  • outside/entrance/has_mobile_ramp: YesNoResult
  • outside/entrance/has_steps: YesNoResult
  • outside/entrance/picture: string
  • outside/entrance/steps_count: string
  • outside/entrance/steps_height: string
  • outside/entrance/steps_low_height: YesNoResult
  • outside/geometry_point: string
  • outside/name: string
  • Optional phone_number: undefined | string
  • Optional phonenumber: undefined | string
  • place_email_address: string
  • place_phone_number: string
  • place_website_url: string
  • Optional simserial: undefined | string
  • start: string
  • subscriberid: string
  • today: string
  • user/user_measuring: "inch" | "cm"
  • user/user_record_type: string
  • username: string
  • wheelchair_comment: string


Length: Quantity | string


LessThan: object

Type declaration


LessThanEquals: object

Type declaration


LocalizedString: string | object


MatchRule: object

Type declaration


MatchValue: string | number | undefined | null | boolean | DefinedValue | ExistsValue | UnknownOrValue | LessThan | LessThanEquals | GreaterThan | GreaterThanEquals | Equals | NotEquals


NotEquals: object

Type declaration


Operator: "<" | "<=" | "==" | ">=" | ">"


Operators: "$eq" | "$lt" | "$lte" | "$gt" | "$gte" | "$ne"


OrRule: object

Type declaration

  • $or: ReadonlyArray<Rule>


QuestionFunction<T>: function

Type parameters

  • T

Type declaration


QuestionValue<T>: string | string[] | QuestionFunction<T>

Type parameters

  • T


RestroomSignIcon: "allGender" | "female" | "male" | "personInWheelchair" | "changingTable" | "baby" | "family" | "urinal" | "washBasin" | "toiletBowl"



RuleEvaluationResult: "true" | "false" | "unknown"


SignLanguageCode: "ase" | "sgn-ase" | "sgn-ase-US" | "sgn-GH-EP" | "sgn-DZ" | "sgn-US" | "sgn-AR" | "sgn-AM" | "sgn-AU-NT" | "sgn-AU" | "sgn-AT" | "sgn-ID-BA" | "sgn-BE-VLG" | "sgn-BE-WAL" | "sgn-BO" | "sgn-BR" | "sgn-GB" | "sgn-BG" | "sgn-ES-CT" | "sgn-TD" | "sgn-CL" | "sgn-CN" | "sgn-CO" | "sgn-CR" | "sgn-CZ" | "sgn-DK" | "sgn-NL" | "sgn-EC" | "sgn-SV" | "sgn-CA-NU" | "sgn-ET" | "sgn-FI" | "sgn-CA-QC" | "sgn-FR" | "sgn-DE" | "sgn-GH" | "sgn-GR" | "sgn-GT" | "sgn-US-HI" | "sgn-HK" | "sgn-IS" | "sgn-ID" | "sgn-IN" | "sgn-IE" | "sgn-IL" | "sgn-IT" | "sgn-JM" | "sgn-JP" | "sgn-JO" | "sgn-KE" | "sgn-KR" | "sgn-MY-B" | "sgn-LV" | "sgn-LY" | "sgn-LT" | "sgn-FR-69" | "sgn-MY" | "sgn-MT" | "sgn-US-MA" | "sgn-MX-YUC" | "sgn-MX" | "sgn-VA" | "sgn-MN" | "sgn-MA" | "sgn-NA" | "sgn-NP" | "sgn-NZ" | "sgn-NI" | "sgn-NG" | "sgn-NO" | "sgn-CA-NS" | "sgn-GB-KEN" | "sgn-MY-P" | "sgn-IR" | "sgn-PE" | "sgn-PH" | "sgn-US-SD" | "sgn-PL" | "sgn-PT" | "sgn-CO-SAP" | "sgn-PR" | "sgn-SB" | "sgn-RO" | "sgn-RU" | "sgn-SA" | "sgn-SE-crp" | "sgn-SG" | "sgn-SK" | "sgn-ZA" | "sgn-ES" | "sgn-LK" | "sgn-SE" | "sgn-CH-GE" | "sgn-CH-ZH" | "sgn-CH-TI" | "sgn-TW" | "sgn-TZ" | "sgn-TH" | "sgn-TN" | "sgn-TR" | "sgn-UG" | "sgn-UA" | "sgn-BR-MA" | "sgn-UY" | "sgn-VE" | "sgn-IL-yid" | "sgn-YU" | "sgn-ZM" | "sgn-ZW" | "sgn-afr-ZA" | "sgn-chi-TW" | "sgn-dan-DK" | "sgn-dut-BE" | "sgn-dut-NL" | "sgn-eng-GB" | "sgn-eng-IE" | "sgn-eng-US" | "sgn-fin-FI" | "sgn-fre-BE" | "sgn-fre-CA" | "sgn-fre-FR" | "sgn-jpn-JP" | "sgn-nor-NO" | "sgn-por-PT" | "sgn-swe-SE"


SmokingPolicy: "dedicatedToSmoking" | "allowedEverywhere" | "inSeparateArea" | "inIsolatedArea" | "prohibited" | "onlyOutside"


UnknownOrValue: object

Type declaration

  • $unknownOr: boolean


Volume: Quantity | string


YesNoPartiallyResult: "true" | "partially" | "false" | "undefined"


YesNoResult: "true" | "false" | "undefined"


Const AccessibilitySchema

AccessibilitySchema: SimpleSchema = new SimpleSchema({accessibleWith: {type: PersonalProfileSchema,optional: true,accessibility: {deprecated: true}},partiallyAccessibleWith: {type: PersonalProfileSchema,optional: true,accessibility: {deprecated: true}},offersActivitiesForPeopleWith: {type: PersonalProfileSchema,optional: true,accessibility: {deprecated: true}},staff: {type: StaffSchema,optional: true,accessibility: {question: t`Is there any staff on the premises?`}},wheelchairPlaces: {type: WheelchairPlacesSchema,optional: true,accessibility: {question: t`Are there any spaces reserved for people in wheelchairs?`}},media: {type: Array,optional: true,accessibility: {question: t`Is there any media available?`,questionMore: t`Is there more media available?`,description: t`e.g. menus, exhibits or presentations`}},'media.$': {type: MediaSchema},payment: {type: PaymentSchema,optional: true,accessibility: {question: t`Is there any payment possible?`}},parking: {type: ParkingSchema,optional: true,accessibility: {question: t`Is there parking attached to this place?`}},ground: {type: GroundSchema,optional: true,accessibility: {question: t`In which condition is the ground you have to traverse to get here?`}},ratingSpacious: {type: Number,optional: true,min: 0,max: 1,accessibility: {deprecated: true,question: t`How spacious is this place?`,componentHint: 'StarRating'}},isWellLit: {type: Boolean,optional: true,accessibility: {question: t`Is the place well lit?`}},isQuiet: {type: Boolean,optional: true,accessibility: {question: t`Is the place quiet?`}},hasInductionLoop: {type: Boolean,optional: true,accessibility: {question: t`Does this place have induction loops?`}},// TODO: Causes test error. Fix this!// ambientNoiseLevel: quantityDefinition(LengthSchema, true, {// question: t`How loud is the ambient noise here typically (A-Weighted)?`,// machineData: true// }),smokingPolicy: {type: String,optional: true,allowedValues: smokingPolicies.map(s => s.value),accessibility: {question: t`Is smoking allowed here?`,options: smokingPolicies}},hasTactileGuideStrips: {type: Boolean,optional: true},animalPolicy: {type: AnimalPolicySchema,optional: true,accessibility: {question: t`What is the animal policy of this place?`}},pathways: {type: PathwaysSchema,optional: true},entrances: {type: Array,optional: true,label: t`Entrances`,accessibility: {questionBlockBegin: t`Would you like to rate the first entrance?`,questionMore: t`Would you like to rate another entrance?`}},'entrances.$': EntranceSchema,restrooms: {type: Array,optional: true,label: t`Restrooms`,accessibility: {questionBlockBegin: t`Would you like to rate the accessibility of the restroom?`,questionMore: t`Would you like to rate another restroom?`}},'restrooms.$': RestroomSchema,tables: {type: TablesSchema,optional: true,accessibility: {question: t`Are there any tables here?`,options: [{label: t`Accessible table`,option: AccessibleTablesPrefab}]}},sitemap: {type: Object, // TODO define typeoptional: true},lifts: {type: Array,optional: true},'lifts.$': Object, // TODO define typeswitches: {type: Array,optional: true},'switches.$': Object, // TODO define typevendingMachines: {type: Array,optional: true},'vendingMachines.$': Object, // TODO define typepowerOutlets: {type: Array,optional: true},'powerOutlets.$': Object, // TODO define typebeds: {type: Array,optional: true},'beds.$': Object, // TODO define typewardrobe: {type: Object, // TODO define typeoptional: true},changingRoom: {type: Object, // TODO define typeoptional: true},stage: {type: Object, // TODO define typeoptional: true},cashRegister: {type: Object, // TODO define typeoptional: true},seats: {type: Object, // TODO define typeoptional: true},serviceContact: {type: LocalizedStringSchema,optional: true,accessibility: {question: t`How can the service staff be reached?`}},services: {type: Object, // TODO define typeoptional: true},infoDesk: {type: Object, // TODO define typeoptional: true},signage: {type: Object, // TODO define typeoptional: true}})

Const AccessibilitySchemaExtensionSchema

AccessibilitySchemaExtensionSchema: SimpleSchema = new SimpleSchema({example: {type: String,optional: true},description: {type: String,optional: true},extendedInformationUrl: {type: String,optional: true},options: {type: Array,optional: true},'options.$': {type: Object,blackbox: true},// FIXME disabled value validation until SimpleSchema.oneOf bug is fixed// https://github.com/aldeed/simple-schema-js/issues/112// 'options.$.value': {// type: SimpleSchema.oneOf(// String,// {// type: Object,// blackbox: true// },// Number,// ),// },'options.$.label': {type: String},question: {type: String,optional: true},questionMore: {type: String,optional: true},questionBlockBegin: {type: String,optional: true},machineData: {type: Boolean,optional: true},componentHint: {type: String,optional: true},inseparable: {type: Boolean,optional: true},preferredUnit: {type: String,optional: true},deprecated: {type: Boolean,optional: true}})

Const AddressSchema

AddressSchema: Object | String | Number | Boolean | RegExp | SimpleSchema | SchemaDefinition | any[] | Date | object = SimpleSchema.oneOf(StructuredAddressSchema, String)

Const AllowedEquipmentTypes

AllowedEquipmentTypes: ReadonlyArray<"bed" | "wardrobe" | "elevator" | "escalator" | "movingWalkway" | "ramp" | "hoist" | "stairLift" | "switch" | "sitemap" | "vendingMachine" | "intercom" | "powerOutlet"> = Object.freeze(['bed','wardrobe','elevator','escalator','movingWalkway','ramp','hoist','stairLift','switch','sitemap','vendingMachine','intercom','powerOutlet']) as ReadonlyArray<EquipmentTypes>

Const AnimalPolicySchema

AnimalPolicySchema: SimpleSchema = new SimpleSchema({allowsGuideDogs: {type: Boolean,accessibility: {question: t`Does this place allow guide dogs?`}},allowsServiceAnimals: {type: Boolean,accessibility: {question: t`Does this place allow therapy animals?`}},allowsDogs: {type: Boolean,accessibility: {question: t`Does this place allow visitors to bring dogs?`}},dogsNeedMuzzle: {type: Boolean,accessibility: {question: t`Does this place enforce that dogs wear a muzzle?`}},allowsAnyPets: {type: Boolean,accessibility: {question: t`Does this place allow any kind of pets?`}},suppliesWaterForPets: {type: Boolean,accessibility: {question: t`Does this place supply water for pets?`}}})

Const BaseQuantitySchema

BaseQuantitySchema: SimpleSchema = new SimpleSchema({operator: {type: String,allowedValues: ['<', '<=', '==', '>=', '>'],optional: true},value: {type: Number},unit: {type: String},accuracy: {type: Number,optional: true},rawValue: {type: String,optional: true}})

Const DoorSchema

DoorSchema: SimpleSchema = new SimpleSchema({turningSpaceInFront: quantityDefinition(LengthSchema, true, {question: t`How much space for turning is there at the entrance?`}),doorOpensToOutside: {type: Boolean,optional: true,accessibility: {question: t`Does the door open to the outside?`}},isAutomaticOrAlwaysOpen: {type: Boolean,optional: true,accessibility: {question: t`Is this an automatic door or is the door always open?`}},width: quantityDefinition(LengthSchema, true, {question: t`How wide is the door?`,description: t`This refers to the maximum size of an object that can pass.`}),hasClearMarkingOnGlassDoor: {type: Boolean,optional: true,accessibility: {question: t`Does the glass door have clear markings?`}},isEasyToHoldOpen: {type: Boolean,optional: true,accessibility: {question: t`Is this an automatic door or is the door always open?`}},hasErgonomicDoorHandle: {type: Boolean,optional: true,accessibility: {question: t`Does this door have an ergonomic handle?`}},isRevolving: {type: Boolean,optional: true,accessibility: {question: t`Is this a revolving door?`}},needsRadarKey: {type: Boolean,optional: true,accessibility: {question: t`Does this door require a radar key?`}},needsEuroKey: {type: Boolean,optional: true,accessibility: {question: t`Does this door require an euro key?`}}})

Const EntranceSchema

EntranceSchema: SimpleSchema = new SimpleSchema({name: {type: LocalizedStringSchema,optional: true,accessibility: {question: t`What is the name of this entrance?`,example: t`e.g. main entrance`}},isMainEntrance: {type: Boolean,optional: true,accessibility: {question: t`Is this the main entrance?`}},isLevel: {type: Boolean,optional: true,accessibility: {question: t`Is the entrance stepless?`}},slopeAngle: {type: Number,optional: true,accessibility: {description: t`Grade in percent as calculated by \`100 * rise / run\` or the tangent of the angle of inclination times 100`,question: t`What is the angle of the slope?`}},hasFixedRamp: {type: Boolean,optional: true,accessibility: {question: t`Is there a fixed ramp to enter the place?`}},hasRemovableRamp: {type: Boolean,optional: true,accessibility: {question: t`Is a portable ramp available? Please check with the staff on-site.`}},stairs: {type: StairsSchema,optional: true,label: t`Stairs`,accessibility: {question: t`Are there steps at the entrance?`}},door: {type: DoorSchema,optional: true,label: t`Door`,accessibility: {questionBlockBegin: t`Would you like to add information about the door at the entrance?`}},elevatorEquipmentId: {type: String,optional: true,accessibility: {question: t`Is there a lift at this entrance?`,machineData: true// TODO foreign object flow equipment}},intercomEquipmentId: {type: String,optional: true,accessibility: {question: t`Is there an intercom at this entrance?`,machineData: true// TODO foreign object flow equipment}}})

Const EquipmentInfoSchema

EquipmentInfoSchema: SimpleSchema = new SimpleSchema({formatVersion: {type: String,optional: true},properties: {type: EquipmentPropertiesSchema},geometry: {type: PointGeometrySchema}})

Const EquipmentPropertiesSchema

EquipmentPropertiesSchema: SimpleSchema = new SimpleSchema({ids: {type: Array,optional: true},'ids.$': ExternalIdSchema,originalId: {type: String,optional: true},category: {type: String,optional: true,allowedValues: AllowedEquipmentTypes.map(s => s)},description: {type: LocalizedStringSchema,optional: true,accessibility: {description: t`Describes where the equipment is located. If only one description string is technically possible to maintain, it should not contain any abbreviations to allow being read aloud by screen readers or voice assistants`,example: t`For elevators: ‘Between ticket counter and Central Line platforms’, ‘From basement upwards towards Main Street exit’`}},// Alternative description that is screen-reader compatible and replaces abbreviations / symbols with wordslongDescription: {type: LocalizedStringSchema,optional: true,accessibility: {description: t`Contains the same information as description, but in a longer form which can be read out by a screen reader or voice assistant.Words should be written out fully (e.g. ‘direction’ instead of ‘dir.‘, ‘ground’ instead of ‘G‘, ‘platform’ instead of ‘pl.’). The field should not contain any symbols (e.g. \`->\`, \`<->\`, or \`→\`).Suitable for people who have a visual impairment or use a screen reader or voice assistant (e.g. Amazon’s Alexa).If only one description field can be used for technical reasons, then the written-out form should be given preference, because a short form can be generated from the long form more easily than the other way around.Can be used by web developers as content for the \`aria-label\`-attribute, for example.`}},// Alternative description that uses less screen estate, more abbreviations and Unicode symbols like `→`shortDescription: {type: LocalizedStringSchema,optional: true,accessibility: {description: t`Contains the same information as description, but in a shorter form, to save space on the screen. May contain Unicode characters such as ⟷ or ↘︎ as well as abbreviations (e.g. ‘pl.’ instead of ‘platform’, ‘dir.’ instead of ‘direction’).`}},heightOfControls: {type: LengthSchema,optional: true,accessibility: {componentHint: 'Unit',question: t`How high are the lowest working controls for this equipment?`}},door: {type: DoorSchema,optional: true,label: t`Door`,accessibility: {questionBlockBegin: t`Would you like to add information about the door of this equipment?`}},hasDoorsInBothDirections: {type: Boolean,optional: true,accessibility: {question: t`If this is an elevator, does it have doors in both directions?`}},cabinWidth: {type: LengthSchema,optional: true,accessibility: {componentHint: 'Unit',question: t`How wide is the cabin (as seen from the entrance)?`}},cabinLength: {type: LengthSchema,optional: true,accessibility: {componentHint: 'Unit',question: t`How long/deep is the cabin (as seen from the entrance)?`}},languages: {type: Array,defaultValue: [],optional: true},'languages.$': {type: String,label: t`Language`,allowedValues: ietfLanguageTagsAndSignLanguageCodes},hasRaisedText: {type: Boolean,defaultValue: false,optional: true},hasBrailleText: {type: Boolean,defaultValue: false,optional: true},hasSpeech: {type: Boolean,defaultValue: false,optional: true},isHighContrast: {type: Boolean,defaultValue: false,optional: true},hasLargePrint: {type: Boolean,defaultValue: false,optional: true},isVoiceActivated: {type: Boolean,defaultValue: false,optional: true},hasHeadPhoneJack: {type: Boolean,defaultValue: false,optional: true},isEasyToUnderstand: {type: Boolean,defaultValue: false,optional: true},isIndoors: {type: Boolean,optional: true,accessibility: {question: t`Is this equipment indoors?`}},alternativeRouteInstructions: {type: LocalizedStringSchema,optional: true,accessibility: {question: t`Is there an alternative route to this equipment?`}},isWorking: {type: Boolean,optional: true,accessibility: {question: t`Is the equipment currently in operation?`,accessibility: {machineData: true}}},outOfOrderReason: {type: LocalizedStringSchema,optional: true,accessibility: {question: t`If the equipment is not in operation, why?`,example: 'Vandalism, construction work, …',machineData: true}},stateLastUpdate: {type: Date,optional: true,accessibility: {machineData: true,description: t`Last update of the operational status`}},plannedCompletionDate: {type: Date,optional: true,accessibility: {question: t`If the equipment is not in operation, when is it going to be again?`}},manufacturerName: {type: LocalizedStringSchema,optional: true},manufacturerSerialNumber: {type: String,optional: true},servicePhoneNumber: {type: LocalizedStringSchema,optional: true,accessibility: {question: t`Which phone number should be called to notify if the equipment is out of service?`,description: t`Service phone number under which the facility management can be reached, with international country code`,example: t`e.g. +1-555-555-90-210`,componentHint: 'PhoneNumber'}},serviceWebsiteUrl: {type: LocalizedStringSchema,regEx: SimpleSchema.RegEx.Url,optional: true,accessibility: {question: t`On which website address can you find updates about the operational status?`}},sourceId: {type: String,optional: true,accessibility: {machineData: true,description: t`Reference to the data source where this information comes from (accessibility.cloud ID)`}},sourceImportId: {type: String,optional: true,accessibility: {machineData: true,description: t`Reference to the data import where this information comes from (accessibility.cloud ID)`}},placeSourceId: {type: String,optional: true,accessibility: {machineData: true,description: t`Original ID of the place data source that this equipment belongs to (accessibility.cloud ID)`}},originalPlaceInfoId: {type: String,optional: true,accessibility: {machineData: true,description: t`Original ID of the place that this equipment belongs to (unique in the original data set)`}},disruptionSourceImportId: {type: String,optional: true,accessibility: {machineData: true,description: t`Reference to data source for operational status live updates (accessibility.cloud ID)`}},originalData: {type: String,optional: true,accessibility: {machineData: true,description: t`Data record that came from the original data source (for debugging)`}},placeInfoId: {type: String,optional: true,accessibility: {machineData: true,description: t`Reference to the place that this equipment belongs to (accessibility.cloud ID)`}}})

Const ExternalIdSchema

ExternalIdSchema: SimpleSchema = new SimpleSchema({provider: String,id: String,schemaName: {type: String,optional: true}})

Const FoldingHandlesSchema

FoldingHandlesSchema: object & SimpleSchema = createSchemaInstance('FoldingHandles', {onUsersLeftSide: {type: Boolean,optional: true,accessibility: {question: t`Is there a folding handle on left side? (from the perspective of somebody using the toilet)`}},onUsersRightSide: {type: Boolean,optional: true,accessibility: {question: t`Is there a folding handle on right side? (from the perspective of somebody using the toilet)`}},topHeightFromFloor: quantityDefinition(LengthSchema, true, {question: t`How high are the folding handles (top edge, measured from the floor)`}),distanceBetweenHandles: quantityDefinition(LengthSchema, true, {question: t`How far are the handles apart?`})})

Const FormatVersion

FormatVersion: "4.7.2" = "4.7.2"

Const GeometrySchema

GeometrySchema: SimpleSchema = PointGeometrySchema

Const GroundSchema

GroundSchema: SimpleSchema = new SimpleSchema({sidewalkConditions: {type: Number,optional: true,min: 0,max: 1,accessibility: {question: t`How would you rate the conditions of the sidewalk?`,componentHint: 'StarRating'}},isLevel: {type: Boolean,optional: true,accessibility: {question: t`Is the ground level?`}},slopeAngle: {type: Number,optional: true,accessibility: {description: t`Grade in percent as calculated by \`100 * rise / run\` or the tangent of the angle of inclination times 100`,question: t`What is the angle of the slope?`}},evenPavement: {type: Boolean,optional: true,accessibility: {question: t`Is the pavement even, ie. no cobble stones?`}},distanceToDroppedCurb: quantityDefinition(LengthSchema, true, {question: t`How far is the entrance from the next dropped curb?`}),turningSpace: quantityDefinition(LengthSchema, true, {question: t`How much space for turning is there?`})})

Const LengthQuantitySchema

LengthQuantitySchema: object & SimpleSchema = makeQuantitySchema(LengthUnitKind, 'meter')

Const LengthSchema

LengthSchema: Object | String | Number | Boolean | RegExp | SimpleSchema | SchemaDefinition | any[] | Date | object = SimpleSchema.oneOf(LengthQuantitySchema, String)

Const LengthUnitKind

LengthUnitKind: "length" = "length"

Const MediaSchema

MediaSchema: SimpleSchema = new SimpleSchema({type: {type: String,label: t`Media Type`,allowedValues: ['document','menu','guide','presentation','exhibit','movie','play','screen'],accessibility: {question: t`What kind of media is described?`,options: [{ value: 'document', label: t`document` },{ value: 'menu', label: t`menu` },{ value: 'guide', label: t`guide` },{ value: 'presentation', label: t`presentation` },{ value: 'exhibit', label: t`exhibit` },{ value: 'movie', label: t`movie` },{ value: 'screen', label: t`screen` }]}},name: {type: LocalizedStringSchema,label: t`Media Name`,optional: true,accessibility: {question: t`What the name of the`,description: t`e.g. 'daily menu' or 'park guide'`}},isBraille: {type: Boolean,label: t`Braille`,optional: true,accessibility: {question: t`Is there a braille version available?`}},isAudio: {type: Boolean,label: t`Audio`,optional: true,accessibility: {question: t`Is there an audio version available?`}},isLargePrint: {type: Boolean,label: t`Large Print`,optional: true,accessibility: {question: t`Is there a large print version available?`}},hasContrastingBackground: {type: Boolean,label: t`Contrasting Background`,optional: true,accessibility: {question: t`Is the print on a contrasting background?`}},hasDedicatedScreenForSubtitles: {type: Boolean,label: t`Dedicated Subtitle Screen`,optional: true,accessibility: {question: t`Is there a dedicated screen for subtitles.`}},hasSubtitles: {type: Boolean,label: t`Subtitles`,optional: true,accessibility: {question: t`Are there subtitles?`}},hasRealTimeCaptioning: {type: Boolean,label: t`Real-time Captioning`,optional: true,accessibility: {question: t`Is there real time captioning?`}},// There are no standardized language codes for this yet, so this needs to be an extra flag for now.hasPlainLanguageOption: {type: Boolean,label: t`Plain Language Option`,optional: true,accessibility: {question: t`Is there a plain language option?`}},languages: {type: Array,label: t`Languages`,optional: true,accessibility: {question: t`What are the available languages?`}},'languages.$': {type: String,label: t`Language`,allowedValues: ietfLanguageTagsAndSignLanguageCodes},turningSpaceInFront: quantityDefinition(LengthSchema, true, {question: t`How much space for turning is in front of the media?`})})

Const MirrorSchema

MirrorSchema: object & SimpleSchema = createSchemaInstance('Mirror', {isLocatedInsideRestroom: {type: Boolean,optional: true,accessibility: {question: t`Is the mirror inside the restroom?`}},isAccessibleWhileSeated: {type: Boolean,optional: true,accessibility: {question: t`Can the mirror be used when sitting in a wheelchair?`}},heightFromGround: quantityDefinition(LengthSchema)})

Const OtherUnitKind

OtherUnitKind: "other" = "other"

Const ParkingSchema

ParkingSchema: SimpleSchema = new SimpleSchema({forWheelchairUsers: {type: WheelchairParkingSchema,optional: true,accessibility: {question: t`Is there parking for wheelchair users?`}}})

Const PathwaysSchema

PathwaysSchema: SimpleSchema = new SimpleSchema({width: quantityDefinition(LengthSchema, true, {question: t`How wide are the aisles or pathways?`}),widthAtObstacles: quantityDefinition(LengthSchema, true, {question: t`What is the minimum width at obstacles?`}),maxLongitudinalSlope: {type: Number,optional: true,accessibility: {question: t`What is the angle of the longitudinal slope?`,description: t`Grade in percent as calculated by \`100 * rise / run\` or the tangent of the angle of inclination, multiplied by 100`}},maxLateralSlope: {type: Number,optional: true,accessibility: {question: t`What is the angle of the lateral slope?`,description: t`Grade in percent as calculated by \`100 * rise / run\` or the tangent of the angle of inclination, multiplied by 100`}}})

Const PaymentSchema

PaymentSchema: SimpleSchema = new SimpleSchema({hasPortablePaymentSystem: {type: Boolean,label: t`Portable Payment System`,optional: true,accessibility: {question: t`Is there a portable payment system?`}},acceptsPaymentByMobilePhone: {type: Boolean,label: t`Mobile Phone Payment`,optional: true,accessibility: {question: t`Is payment by mobile phone accepted?`}},acceptsCreditCards: {type: Boolean,label: t`Credit Cards`,optional: true,accessibility: {question: t`Is payment by credit card accepted?`}},acceptsDebitCards: {type: Boolean,label: t`Debit Cards`,optional: true,accessibility: {question: t`Is payment by debit card accepted?`}},acceptsCoins: {type: Boolean,label: t`Coins`,optional: true,accessibility: {question: t`Is payment by coins accepted?`}},acceptsBills: {type: Boolean,label: t`Bills`,optional: true,accessibility: {question: t`Is payment by bills accepted?`}},customPaymentMetaInfo: {type: Array,label: t`Custom Payment Information`,optional: true,accessibility: {question: t`Is there custom payment information?`,questionMore: t`Is there additional custom payment information?`,description: t`e.g. additional phone numbers, parking lot IDs etc.`}},'customPaymentMetaInfo.$': {type: LocalizedStringSchema,label: t`Custom Payment Information`,accessibility: {question: t`What is the custom information?`}}})

Const PersonalProfileSchema

PersonalProfileSchema: SimpleSchema = new SimpleSchema({muteness: {type: Boolean,optional: true},guideDog: {type: Boolean,optional: true},hearingImpairment: {type: Boolean,optional: true},learningImpairment: {type: Boolean,optional: true},mobilityImpairment: {type: Boolean,optional: true},visualImpairment: {type: Boolean,optional: true},blindness: {type: Boolean,optional: true},wheelchair: {type: Boolean,optional: true}})

Const PlaceInfoSchema

PlaceInfoSchema: SimpleSchema = new SimpleSchema({formatVersion: {type: String,optional: true,accessibility: {machineData: true}},properties: {type: PlacePropertiesSchema,label: t`Properties`,accessibility: {question: t`First we need some information about the place.`}},geometry: {type: GeometrySchema,label: t`Place on map`,accessibility: {question: t`On the map, drag the place icon to the entrance's exact position.`,inseparable: true}}})

Const PlacePropertiesSchema

PlacePropertiesSchema: SimpleSchema = new SimpleSchema({name: {type: LocalizedStringSchema,optional: true,accessibility: {question: t`What is the name of this place?`}},category: {type: String,accessibility: {question: t`What type of place is this?`,componentHint: 'Category'}},address: {type: AddressSchema,optional: true,label: t`Address`,accessibility: {question: t`Would you like to add the address?`,componentHint: 'Address'}},description: {type: LocalizedStringSchema,optional: true,accessibility: {question: t`How would you describe this place?`,componentHint: 'TextArea'}},phoneNumber: {type: LocalizedStringSchema,optional: true,accessibility: {question: t`What is the phone number of this place?`,description: t`The phone number of this place, with international country code`,example: t`e.g. +1-555-555-90-210`,componentHint: 'PhoneNumber'}},emailAddress: {type: LocalizedStringSchema,optional: true,accessibility: {question: t`What is the email address of this place?`,description: t`An email address where visitors can get accessibility relevant information`,example: t`e.g. accessibility@example.com`}},accessibility: {type: AccessibilitySchema,optional: true,accessibility: {question: t`Okay, now let\`s map the accessibility.`,description: t`Describes the overall accessibility of a place.`}},infoPageUrl: {type: LocalizedStringSchema,regEx: SimpleSchema.RegEx.Url,optional: true,accessibility: {description: t`URL of the original data source’s website describing this place`}},editPageUrl: {type: LocalizedStringSchema,regEx: SimpleSchema.RegEx.Url,optional: true,accessibility: {description: t`URL of the original data source’s website on a subpage that allows to edit the original data.`}},placeWebsiteUrl: {type: LocalizedStringSchema,regEx: SimpleSchema.RegEx.Url,optional: true,accessibility: {description: t`URL of the place’s own website`}},// machine data fieldsids: {type: Array,optional: true,accessibility: {machineData: true}},'ids.$': ExternalIdSchema,originalId: {type: String,optional: true,accessibility: {machineData: true}},parentPlaceId: {type: String,optional: true,regEx: SimpleSchema.RegEx.Id,accessibility: {machineData: true}},originalData: {type: String,optional: true,accessibility: {machineData: true}},eventId: {type: String,optional: true,regEx: SimpleSchema.RegEx.Id,accessibility: {machineData: true}},creatorId: {type: String,optional: true,regEx: SimpleSchema.RegEx.Id,accessibility: {machineData: true}},sourceId: {type: String,optional: true,regEx: SimpleSchema.RegEx.Id,accessibility: {machineData: true}},sourceImportId: {type: String,optional: true,regEx: SimpleSchema.RegEx.Id,accessibility: {machineData: true}}})

Const PointGeometrySchema

PointGeometrySchema: SimpleSchema = new SimpleSchema({type: {type: String,allowedValues: ['Point']},coordinates: {type: Array,minCount: 2,maxCount: 2},'coordinates.$': {type: Number,min: -180,max: 180}})

Const RestroomSchema

RestroomSchema: object & SimpleSchema = createSchemaInstance('Restroom',{signIcons: {type: Array,optional: true,accessibility: {description: t`Visible icons on the restroom’s sign`}},'signIcons.$': {type: String,allowedValues: restroomSignIcons},hasMirror: {type: Boolean,optional: true,accessibility: {question: t`Does the restroom have a mirror?`}},mirror: {type: MirrorSchema,optional: true,accessibility: {}},turningSpaceInside: quantityDefinition(LengthSchema, true, {question: t`How wide is the space inside that is usable for turning?`}),hasSupportRails: {type: Boolean,optional: true,accessibility: {question: t`Are there support rails on the walls?`}},toilet: {type: ToiletSchema,label: t`Toilet`,optional: true,accessibility: {question: t`Let’s take a look at the toilet.`}},hasBathTub: {type: Boolean,optional: true,accessibility: {question: t`Is there a bath tub in this room?`}},entrance: {type: EntranceSchema,label: t`Entrance`,optional: true,accessibility: {question: t`Would you like to add information about the entrance to the restroom?`}},hasShower: {type: Boolean,optional: true,accessibility: {question: t`Does the restroom have a shower?`}},shower: {type: ShowerSchema,optional: true,accessibility: {question: t`Would you like to add information about the shower?`}},heightOfSoap: quantityDefinition(LengthSchema, true, {question: t`At which height from the floor is the soap?`}),heightOfDrier: quantityDefinition(LengthSchema, true, {question: t`At which height from the floor is the drier or towel?`}),washBasin: {type: WashBasinSchema,optional: true,accessibility: {question: t`Would you like to add information about the wash basin?`}}},RoomSchema)

Const RoomSchema

RoomSchema: object & SimpleSchema = createSchemaInstance('Room', {isAccessibleWithWheelchair: {type: Boolean,optional: true,accessibility: {machineData: true}}})

Const ShowerSchema

ShowerSchema: object & SimpleSchema = createSchemaInstance('Shower', {step: quantityDefinition(LengthSchema),isLevel: {type: Boolean,optional: true,accessibility: {question: t`Is the shower step-free and level with the space in front of it?`}},hasSupportRails: {type: Boolean,optional: true,accessibility: {question: t`Does the shower have support rails?`}},supportRails: {type: Object,optional: true,accessibility: {question: t`Let’s describe the support rails further.`}},supportRailsHeight: quantityDefinition(LengthSchema, true, {question: t`At which height are the support rails?`}),supportRailsAreAboveAndBelowControls: {type: Boolean,optional: true,accessibility: {question: t`Are the support rails above and below the controls?`}},hasShowerSeat: {type: Boolean,optional: true,accessibility: {question: t`Is there a shower seat?`}},hasErgonomicHandle: {type: Boolean,optional: true,accessibility: {question: t`Is there an ergonomic handle?`}},showerSeatIsRemovable: {type: Boolean,optional: true,accessibility: {question: t`Is the seat removable from the shower?`}},showerSeatIsFolding: {type: Boolean,optional: true,accessibility: {question: t`Is this a folding seat?`}}})

Const StaffSchema

StaffSchema: SimpleSchema = new SimpleSchema({canSeeVisitorsFromInside: {type: Boolean,label: t`See From Inside`,accessibility: {question: t`Can the staff see visitors arriving?`,description: t`e.g. via a greeter or reception, a window or a always-monitored camera system`},optional: true},isTrainedInSigning: {type: Boolean,label: t`Signing training`,accessibility: {question: t`Is the staff trained in local sign languages?`},optional: true},hasFreeAssistantForVisitors: {type: Boolean,label: t`Visitor Assistant`,accessibility: {question: t`Is there a free assistant for visitors?`},optional: true},spokenLanguages: {type: Array,defaultValue: [],optional: true,accessibility: {question: t`Which languages do the staff speak (including sign language variants)?`}},'spokenLanguages.$': {type: String,label: t`Language`,allowedValues: ietfLanguageTagsAndSignLanguageCodes}})

Const StairsSchema

StairsSchema: object & SimpleSchema = createSchemaInstance('Stairs', {/// number of stepscount: {type: Number,optional: true,accessibility: {question: t`How many steps are there?`}},nosing: {type: Object,optional: true,accessibility: {}},'nosing.isHighContrast': {type: Boolean,optional: true,accessibility: {question: t`Are the steps nosings marked for higher contrast?`}},'nosing.isAntiSlip': {type: Boolean,optional: true,accessibility: {question: t`Do the steps have anti-slip material?`}},name: {type: LocalizedStringSchema,optional: true,accessibility: {question: t`What is the name of these stairs?`}},stepHeight: quantityDefinition(LengthSchema, true, {question: t`How high is this step / are these steps?`}),hasHandRail: {type: Boolean,optional: true,accessibility: {question: t`Is there a hand rail?`}},hasTactileSafetyStrips: {type: Boolean,optional: true,accessibility: {description: t`Do the stairs have tactile safety strips?`}},hasBrailleNavigation: {type: Boolean,optional: true,accessibility: {description: t`Do the stairs have braille navigation hints printed on the rails?`}},alternativeMobileEquipmentIds: {type: Array,optional: true,accessibility: {machineData: true,description: t`accessibility.cloud IDs of alternative escalators, elevators, hoists, or stair lifts to replace this pathway`}},'alternativeMobileEquipmentIds.$': {type: String,label: t`accessibility.cloud Equipment ID`}})

Const StructuredAddressSchema

StructuredAddressSchema: SimpleSchema = new SimpleSchema({text: {label: t`Text`,type: LocalizedStringSchema,accessibility: {description: t`A displayable, formatted address as rich text (Markdown).`},optional: true},room: {label: t`Room`,type: LocalizedStringSchema,accessibility: {description: t`Room name`,question: t`What is the name of the room?`,example: t`e.g. meeting room 'Rome'`},optional: true},level: {label: t`Level`,type: LocalizedStringSchema,accessibility: {description: t`The number of the floor in british convention (ground floor is 0)`,question: t`What is the number of the floor?`,extendedInformationUrl: 'https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Storey',example: t`e.g. 4`},optional: true},building: {label: t`Building`,type: LocalizedStringSchema,accessibility: {description: t`Building name`,example: t`e.g. main exposition hall`},optional: true},house: {label: t`House`,type: LocalizedStringSchema,accessibility: {question: t`What is the house number?`},optional: true},street: {label: t`Street`,type: LocalizedStringSchema,accessibility: {question: t`What is the name of the street?`,description: t`Please avoid numbers for houses or buildings.`},optional: true},postalCode: {label: t`Postal Code`,type: LocalizedStringSchema,accessibility: {question: t`What is the postal code?`,description: t`Also called ZIP code.`},optional: true},areas: {label: t`Areas`,type: Array,accessibility: {description: t`An array of named areas below the district and above street. In some regions such areas might also contain street names, when individual street segments have names separate from the name of the whole road.`},optional: true},'areas.$': {type: LocalizedStringSchema},district: {label: t`District`,type: LocalizedStringSchema,accessibility: {description: t`A division of city; typically an administrative unit within a larger city or a customary name of a city\'s neighborhood.`,question: t`The place is located destrict…`},optional: true},city: {label: t`City`,type: LocalizedStringSchema,accessibility: {question: t`In which city is this place?`},optional: true},regions: {label: t`Regions`,type: Array,accessibility: {description: t`For address conventions where more than to levels of named areas above the city level are in use, the regions attribute provides an array with all additional area names, ordered by decreasing size (starting with the highest subdivision below state)`},optional: true},'regions.$': {type: LocalizedStringSchema},county: {label: t`County`,type: LocalizedStringSchema,accessibility: {description: t`A division of a state; typically a secondary-level administrative division of a country or equivalent.`},optional: true},state: {label: t`State`,type: LocalizedStringSchema,accessibility: {description: t`A division of a country; typically a first-level administrative division of a country and/or a geographical region.`},optional: true},stateCode: {label: t`State Code`,type: LocalizedStringSchema,accessibility: {description: t`A code/abbreviation for the state division of a country.`},optional: true},countryCode: {label: t`Country Code`,type: LocalizedStringSchema,optional: true,allowedValues: isoAlphaThreeCountryCodes.map(c => c.value),accessibility: {description: t`A three-letter country code in ISO 3166-1 alpha-3, see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ISO_3166-1_alpha-3`,options: isoAlphaThreeCountryCodes}}})

Const TablesSchema

TablesSchema: SimpleSchema = new SimpleSchema({height: quantityDefinition(LengthSchema, true, {question: t`How high is the table?`}),spaceBelowHeight: quantityDefinition(LengthSchema, false, {question: t`How high is the free space below the table?`}),spaceBelowWidth: quantityDefinition(LengthSchema, false, {question: t`How wide is the free space below the table?`}),spaceBelowDepth: quantityDefinition(LengthSchema, false, {question: t`How deep is the free space below the table?`})})

Const ToiletSchema

ToiletSchema: object & SimpleSchema = createSchemaInstance('Toilet', {heightOfBase: quantityDefinition(LengthSchema, true, {question: t`How high is the toilet’s base?`}),spaceOnUsersLeftSide: quantityDefinition(LengthSchema, true, {question: t`How much space is on the left side of the toilet? (from the perspective of somebody using the toilet)`}),spaceOnUsersRightSide: quantityDefinition(LengthSchema, true, {question: t`How much space is on the right side of the toilet? (from the perspective of somebody using the toilet)`}),spaceInFront: quantityDefinition(LengthSchema, true, {question: t`How much space is in front of the toilet?`}),hasFoldingHandles: {type: Boolean,optional: true,accessibility: {question: t`Does the toilet have folding handles?`}},foldingHandles: {type: FoldingHandlesSchema,optional: true,accessibility: {question: t`Let’s describe the folding handles.`}}})

Const VolumeQuantitySchema

VolumeQuantitySchema: object & SimpleSchema = makeQuantitySchema(OtherUnitKind, 'decibel')

Const VolumeSchema

VolumeSchema: Object | String | Number | Boolean | RegExp | SimpleSchema | SchemaDefinition | any[] | Date | object = SimpleSchema.oneOf(VolumeQuantitySchema, String)

Const WashBasinSchema

WashBasinSchema: object & SimpleSchema = createSchemaInstance('WashBasin', {isLocatedInsideRestroom: {type: Boolean,optional: true,accessibility: {question: t`Is the wash basin located inside the restroom cabin?`}},height: quantityDefinition(LengthSchema, true, {question: t`At which height is the wash basin's top?`}),accessibleWithWheelchair: {type: Boolean,optional: true,accessibility: {question: t`Can a wheelchair drive under the wash basin?`}},spaceBelow: {type: Object,optional: true,accessibility: {question: t`Let’s take a look at the space below the wash basin.`}},spaceBelowHeight: quantityDefinition(LengthSchema, true, {question: t`How high is the space below the wash basin?`}),spaceBelowDepth: quantityDefinition(LengthSchema, true, {question: t`How deep is the space below the wash basin?`})})

Const WheelchairParkingSchema

WheelchairParkingSchema: SimpleSchema = new SimpleSchema({location: {type: LocalizedStringSchema,optional: true,accessibility: {question: t`Where is the parking located?`}},distanceToEntrance: quantityDefinition(LengthSchema, true, {question: t`How far away is the parking from the main entrance?`}),count: {type: Number,optional: true,accessibility: {question: t`How many wheelchair accessible parking spaces are there?`},min: 0},isLocatedInside: {type: Boolean,optional: true,accessibility: {question: t`Are the parking spaces located inside?`}},width: quantityDefinition(LengthSchema, true, {question: t`How wide are the parking spaces?`}),length: quantityDefinition(LengthSchema, true, {question: t`How long are the parking spaces?`}),maxVehicleHeight: quantityDefinition(LengthSchema, true, {question: t`What is the max vehicle height of the parking spaces?`}),hasDedicatedSignage: {type: Boolean,optional: true,accessibility: {question: t`Is there dedicated disabled parking signage?`}},paymentBySpace: {type: Boolean,optional: true,accessibility: {question: t`Is there payment by parking space?`}},paymentByZone: {type: Boolean,optional: true,accessibility: {question: t`Is there payment by parking zone?`}},neededParkingPermits: {type: Array,optional: true,accessibility: {question: t`Are any special parking permits required?`}},'neededParkingPermits.$': {type: LocalizedStringSchema,accessibility: {question: t`Which permit is needed?`}}})

Const WheelchairPlacesSchema

WheelchairPlacesSchema: SimpleSchema = new SimpleSchema({count: {type: SimpleSchema.Integer,label: t`Number Of Places`,accessibility: {question: t`How many wheelchair places are there?`},min: 0},hasSpaceForAssistant: {type: Boolean,label: t`Assistant Space`,accessibility: {question: t`Is there additional space for an assistant for each seat?`},optional: true}})

Const allowedOperators

allowedOperators: ReadonlyArray<Operators> = Object.freeze(['$eq','$lt','$lte','$gt','$gte','$ne'] as Operators[])

Const ietfLanguageTags

ietfLanguageTags: string[] = ['af','af-NA','af-ZA','agq','agq-CM','ak','ak-GH','am','am-ET','ar','ar-001','ar-AE','ar-BH','ar-DJ','ar-DZ','ar-EG','ar-EH','ar-ER','ar-IL','ar-IQ','ar-JO','ar-KM','ar-KW','ar-LB','ar-LY','ar-MA','ar-MR','ar-OM','ar-PS','ar-QA','ar-SA','ar-SD','ar-SO','ar-SS','ar-SY','ar-TD','ar-TN','ar-YE','as','as-IN','asa','asa-TZ','ast','ast-ES','az','az-Cyrl','az-Cyrl-AZ','az-Latn','az-Latn-AZ','bas','bas-CM','be','be-BY','bem','bem-ZM','bez','bez-TZ','bg','bg-BG','bm','bm-ML','bn','bn-BD','bn-IN','bo','bo-CN','bo-IN','br','br-FR','brx','brx-IN','bs','bs-Cyrl','bs-Cyrl-BA','bs-Latn','bs-Latn-BA','ca','ca-AD','ca-ES','ca-ES-VALENCIA','ca-FR','ca-IT','ccp','ccp-BD','ccp-IN','ce','ce-RU','cgg','cgg-UG','chr','chr-US','ckb','ckb-IQ','ckb-IR','cs','cs-CZ','cu','cu-RU','cy','cy-GB','da','da-DK','da-GL','dav','dav-KE','de','de-AT','de-BE','de-CH','de-DE','de-IT','de-LI','de-LU','dje','dje-NE','dsb','dsb-DE','dua','dua-CM','dyo','dyo-SN','dz','dz-BT','ebu','ebu-KE','ee','ee-GH','ee-TG','el','el-CY','el-GR','en','en-001','en-150','en-AG','en-AI','en-AS','en-AT','en-AU','en-BB','en-BE','en-BI','en-BM','en-BS','en-BW','en-BZ','en-CA','en-CC','en-CH','en-CK','en-CM','en-CX','en-CY','en-DE','en-DG','en-DK','en-DM','en-ER','en-FI','en-FJ','en-FK','en-FM','en-GB','en-GD','en-GG','en-GH','en-GI','en-GM','en-GU','en-GY','en-HK','en-IE','en-IL','en-IM','en-IN','en-IO','en-JE','en-JM','en-KE','en-KI','en-KN','en-KY','en-LC','en-LR','en-LS','en-MG','en-MH','en-MO','en-MP','en-MS','en-MT','en-MU','en-MW','en-MY','en-NA','en-NF','en-NG','en-NL','en-NR','en-NU','en-NZ','en-PG','en-PH','en-PK','en-PN','en-PR','en-PW','en-RW','en-SB','en-SC','en-SD','en-SE','en-SG','en-SH','en-SI','en-SL','en-SS','en-SX','en-SZ','en-TC','en-TK','en-TO','en-TT','en-TV','en-TZ','en-UG','en-UM','en-US','en-US-POSIX','en-VC','en-VG','en-VI','en-VU','en-WS','en-ZA','en-ZM','en-ZW','eo','eo-001','es','es-419','es-AR','es-BO','es-BR','es-BZ','es-CL','es-CO','es-CR','es-CU','es-DO','es-EA','es-EC','es-ES','es-GQ','es-GT','es-HN','es-IC','es-MX','es-NI','es-PA','es-PE','es-PH','es-PR','es-PY','es-SV','es-US','es-UY','es-VE','et','et-EE','eu','eu-ES','ewo','ewo-CM','fa','fa-AF','fa-IR','ff','ff-Latn','ff-Latn-BF','ff-Latn-CM','ff-Latn-GH','ff-Latn-GM','ff-Latn-GN','ff-Latn-GW','ff-Latn-LR','ff-Latn-MR','ff-Latn-NE','ff-Latn-NG','ff-Latn-SL','ff-Latn-SN','fi','fi-FI','fil','fil-PH','fo','fo-DK','fo-FO','fr','fr-BE','fr-BF','fr-BI','fr-BJ','fr-BL','fr-CA','fr-CD','fr-CF','fr-CG','fr-CH','fr-CI','fr-CM','fr-DJ','fr-DZ','fr-FR','fr-GA','fr-GF','fr-GN','fr-GP','fr-GQ','fr-HT','fr-KM','fr-LU','fr-MA','fr-MC','fr-MF','fr-MG','fr-ML','fr-MQ','fr-MR','fr-MU','fr-NC','fr-NE','fr-PF','fr-PM','fr-RE','fr-RW','fr-SC','fr-SN','fr-SY','fr-TD','fr-TG','fr-TN','fr-VU','fr-WF','fr-YT','fur','fur-IT','fy','fy-NL','ga','ga-IE','gd','gd-GB','gl','gl-ES','gsw','gsw-CH','gsw-FR','gsw-LI','gu','gu-IN','guz','guz-KE','gv','gv-IM','ha','ha-GH','ha-NE','ha-NG','haw','haw-US','he','he-IL','hi','hi-IN','hr','hr-BA','hr-HR','hsb','hsb-DE','hu','hu-HU','hy','hy-AM','ia','ia-001','id','id-ID','ig','ig-NG','ii','ii-CN','is','is-IS','it','it-CH','it-IT','it-SM','it-VA','ja','ja-JP','jgo','jgo-CM','jmc','jmc-TZ','jv','jv-ID','ka','ka-GE','kab','kab-DZ','kam','kam-KE','kde','kde-TZ','kea','kea-CV','khq','khq-ML','ki','ki-KE','kk','kk-KZ','kkj','kkj-CM','kl','kl-GL','kln','kln-KE','km','km-KH','kn','kn-IN','ko','ko-KP','ko-KR','kok','kok-IN','ks','ks-IN','ksb','ksb-TZ','ksf','ksf-CM','ksh','ksh-DE','ku','ku-TR','kw','kw-GB','ky','ky-KG','lag','lag-TZ','lb','lb-LU','lg','lg-UG','lkt','lkt-US','ln','ln-AO','ln-CD','ln-CF','ln-CG','lo','lo-LA','lrc','lrc-IQ','lrc-IR','lt','lt-LT','lu','lu-CD','luo','luo-KE','luy','luy-KE','lv','lv-LV','mas','mas-KE','mas-TZ','mer','mer-KE','mfe','mfe-MU','mg','mg-MG','mgh','mgh-MZ','mgo','mgo-CM','mi','mi-NZ','mk','mk-MK','ml','ml-IN','mn','mn-MN','mr','mr-IN','ms','ms-BN','ms-MY','ms-SG','mt','mt-MT','mua','mua-CM','my','my-MM','mzn','mzn-IR','naq','naq-NA','nb','nb-NO','nb-SJ','nd','nd-ZW','nds','nds-DE','nds-NL','ne','ne-IN','ne-NP','nl','nl-AW','nl-BE','nl-BQ','nl-CW','nl-NL','nl-SR','nl-SX','nmg','nmg-CM','nn','nn-NO','nnh','nnh-CM','nus','nus-SS','nyn','nyn-UG','om','om-ET','om-KE','or','or-IN','os','os-GE','os-RU','pa','pa-Arab','pa-Arab-PK','pa-Guru','pa-Guru-IN','pl','pl-PL','prg','prg-001','ps','ps-AF','pt','pt-AO','pt-BR','pt-CH','pt-CV','pt-GQ','pt-GW','pt-LU','pt-MO','pt-MZ','pt-PT','pt-ST','pt-TL','qu','qu-BO','qu-EC','qu-PE','rm','rm-CH','rn','rn-BI','ro','ro-MD','ro-RO','rof','rof-TZ','root','ru','ru-BY','ru-KG','ru-KZ','ru-MD','ru-RU','ru-UA','rw','rw-RW','rwk','rwk-TZ','sah','sah-RU','saq','saq-KE','sbp','sbp-TZ','sd','sd-PK','se','se-FI','se-NO','se-SE','seh','seh-MZ','ses','ses-ML','sg','sg-CF','shi','shi-Latn','shi-Latn-MA','shi-Tfng','shi-Tfng-MA','si','si-LK','sk','sk-SK','sl','sl-SI','smn','smn-FI','sn','sn-ZW','so','so-DJ','so-ET','so-KE','so-SO','sq','sq-AL','sq-MK','sq-XK','sr','sr-Cyrl','sr-Cyrl-BA','sr-Cyrl-ME','sr-Cyrl-RS','sr-Cyrl-XK','sr-Latn','sr-Latn-BA','sr-Latn-ME','sr-Latn-RS','sr-Latn-XK','sv','sv-AX','sv-FI','sv-SE','sw','sw-CD','sw-KE','sw-TZ','sw-UG','ta','ta-IN','ta-LK','ta-MY','ta-SG','te','te-IN','teo','teo-KE','teo-UG','tg','tg-TJ','th','th-TH','ti','ti-ER','ti-ET','tk','tk-TM','to','to-TO','tr','tr-CY','tr-TR','tt','tt-RU','twq','twq-NE','tzm','tzm-MA','ug','ug-CN','uk','uk-UA','ur','ur-IN','ur-PK','uz','uz-Arab','uz-Arab-AF','uz-Cyrl','uz-Cyrl-UZ','uz-Latn','uz-Latn-UZ','vai','vai-Latn','vai-Latn-LR','vai-Vaii','vai-Vaii-LR','vi','vi-VN','vo','vo-001','vun','vun-TZ','wae','wae-CH','wo','wo-SN','xh','xh-ZA','xog','xog-UG','yav','yav-CM','yi','yi-001','yo','yo-BJ','yo-NG','yue','yue-Hans','yue-Hans-CN','yue-Hant','yue-Hant-HK','zgh','zgh-MA','zh','zh-Hans','zh-Hans-CN','zh-Hans-HK','zh-Hans-MO','zh-Hans-SG','zh-Hant','zh-Hant-HK','zh-Hant-MO','zh-Hant-TW','zu','zu-ZA']

Const ietfLanguageTagsAndSignLanguageCodes

ietfLanguageTagsAndSignLanguageCodes: string[] = ietfLanguageTags.concat(signLanguageCodes)

Let indent

indent: number = 0

Const isoAlphaThreeCountryCodes

isoAlphaThreeCountryCodes: object[] = [{ value: 'ABW', label: t`Aruba` },{ value: 'AFG', label: t`Afghanistan` },{ value: 'AGO', label: t`Angola` },{ value: 'AIA', label: t`Anguilla` },{ value: 'ALA', label: t`Åland Islands` },{ value: 'ALB', label: t`Albania` },{ value: 'AND', label: t`Andorra` },{ value: 'ARE', label: t`United Arab Emirates` },{ value: 'ARG', label: t`Argentina` },{ value: 'ARM', label: t`Armenia` },{ value: 'ASM', label: t`American Samoa` },{ value: 'ATA', label: t`Antarctica` },{ value: 'ATF', label: t`French Southern Territories` },{ value: 'ATG', label: t`Antigua and Barbuda` },{ value: 'AUS', label: t`Australia` },{ value: 'AUT', label: t`Austria` },{ value: 'AZE', label: t`Azerbaijan` },{ value: 'BDI', label: t`Burundi` },{ value: 'BEL', label: t`Belgium` },{ value: 'BEN', label: t`Benin` },{ value: 'BES', label: t`Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba` },{ value: 'BFA', label: t`Burkina Faso` },{ value: 'BGD', label: t`Bangladesh` },{ value: 'BGR', label: t`Bulgaria` },{ value: 'BHR', label: t`Bahrain` },{ value: 'BHS', label: t`Bahamas` },{ value: 'BIH', label: t`Bosnia and Herzegovina` },{ value: 'BLM', label: t`Saint Barthélemy` },{ value: 'BLR', label: t`Belarus` },{ value: 'BLZ', label: t`Belize` },{ value: 'BMU', label: t`Bermuda` },{ value: 'BOL', label: t`Bolivia, Plurinational State of` },{ value: 'BRA', label: t`Brazil` },{ value: 'BRB', label: t`Barbados` },{ value: 'BRN', label: t`Brunei Darussalam` },{ value: 'BTN', label: t`Bhutan` },{ value: 'BVT', label: t`Bouvet Island` },{ value: 'BWA', label: t`Botswana` },{ value: 'CAF', label: t`Central African Republic` },{ value: 'CAN', label: t`Canada` },{ value: 'CCK', label: t`Cocos (Keeling) Islands` },{ value: 'CHE', label: t`Switzerland` },{ value: 'CHL', label: t`Chile` },{ value: 'CHN', label: t`China` },{ value: 'CIV', label: t`Côte d'Ivoire` },{ value: 'CMR', label: t`Cameroon` },{ value: 'COD', label: t`Congo, the Democratic Republic of the` },{ value: 'COG', label: t`Congo` },{ value: 'COK', label: t`Cook Islands` },{ value: 'COL', label: t`Colombia` },{ value: 'COM', label: t`Comoros` },{ value: 'CPV', label: t`Cabo Verde` },{ value: 'CRI', label: t`Costa Rica` },{ value: 'CUB', label: t`Cuba` },{ value: 'CUW', label: t`Curaçao` },{ value: 'CXR', label: t`Christmas Island` },{ value: 'CYM', label: t`Cayman Islands` },{ value: 'CYP', label: t`Cyprus` },{ value: 'CZE', label: t`Czechia` },{ value: 'DEU', label: t`Germany` },{ value: 'DJI', label: t`Djibouti` },{ value: 'DMA', label: t`Dominica` },{ value: 'DNK', label: t`Denmark` },{ value: 'DOM', label: t`Dominican Republic` },{ value: 'DZA', label: t`Algeria` },{ value: 'ECU', label: t`Ecuador` },{ value: 'EGY', label: t`Egypt` },{ value: 'ERI', label: t`Eritrea` },{ value: 'ESH', label: t`Western Sahara` },{ value: 'ESP', label: t`Spain` },{ value: 'EST', label: t`Estonia` },{ value: 'ETH', label: t`Ethiopia` },{ value: 'FIN', label: t`Finland` },{ value: 'FJI', label: t`Fiji` },{ value: 'FLK', label: t`Falkland Islands (Malvinas)` },{ value: 'FRA', label: t`France` },{ value: 'FRO', label: t`Faroe Islands` },{ value: 'FSM', label: t`Micronesia, Federated States of` },{ value: 'GAB', label: t`Gabon` },{ value: 'GBR', label: t`United Kingdom` },{ value: 'GEO', label: t`Georgia` },{ value: 'GGY', label: t`Guernsey` },{ value: 'GHA', label: t`Ghana` },{ value: 'GIB', label: t`Gibraltar` },{ value: 'GIN', label: t`Guinea` },{ value: 'GLP', label: t`Guadeloupe` },{ value: 'GMB', label: t`Gambia` },{ value: 'GNB', label: t`Guinea-Bissau` },{ value: 'GNQ', label: t`Equatorial Guinea` },{ value: 'GRC', label: t`Greece` },{ value: 'GRD', label: t`Grenada` },{ value: 'GRL', label: t`Greenland` },{ value: 'GTM', label: t`Guatemala` },{ value: 'GUF', label: t`French Guiana` },{ value: 'GUM', label: t`Guam` },{ value: 'GUY', label: t`Guyana` },{ value: 'HKG', label: t`Hong Kong` },{ value: 'HMD', label: t`Heard Island and McDonald Islands` },{ value: 'HND', label: t`Honduras` },{ value: 'HRV', label: t`Croatia` },{ value: 'HTI', label: t`Haiti` },{ value: 'HUN', label: t`Hungary` },{ value: 'IDN', label: t`Indonesia` },{ value: 'IMN', label: t`Isle of Man` },{ value: 'IND', label: t`India` },{ value: 'IOT', label: t`British Indian Ocean Territory` },{ value: 'IRL', label: t`Ireland` },{ value: 'IRN', label: t`Iran, Islamic Republic of` },{ value: 'IRQ', label: t`Iraq` },{ value: 'ISL', label: t`Iceland` },{ value: 'ISR', label: t`Israel` },{ value: 'ITA', label: t`Italy` },{ value: 'JAM', label: t`Jamaica` },{ value: 'JEY', label: t`Jersey` },{ value: 'JOR', label: t`Jordan` },{ value: 'JPN', label: t`Japan` },{ value: 'KAZ', label: t`Kazakhstan` },{ value: 'KEN', label: t`Kenya` },{ value: 'KGZ', label: t`Kyrgyzstan` },{ value: 'KHM', label: t`Cambodia` },{ value: 'KIR', label: t`Kiribati` },{ value: 'KNA', label: t`Saint Kitts and Nevis` },{ value: 'KOR', label: t`Korea, Republic of` },{ value: 'KWT', label: t`Kuwait` },{ value: 'LAO', label: t`Lao People's Democratic Republic` },{ value: 'LBN', label: t`Lebanon` },{ value: 'LBR', label: t`Liberia` },{ value: 'LBY', label: t`Libya` },{ value: 'LCA', label: t`Saint Lucia` },{ value: 'LIE', label: t`Liechtenstein` },{ value: 'LKA', label: t`Sri Lanka` },{ value: 'LSO', label: t`Lesotho` },{ value: 'LTU', label: t`Lithuania` },{ value: 'LUX', label: t`Luxembourg` },{ value: 'LVA', label: t`Latvia` },{ value: 'MAC', label: t`Macao` },{ value: 'MAF', label: t`Saint Martin (French part)` },{ value: 'MAR', label: t`Morocco` },{ value: 'MCO', label: t`Monaco` },{ value: 'MDA', label: t`Moldova, Republic of` },{ value: 'MDG', label: t`Madagascar` },{ value: 'MDV', label: t`Maldives` },{ value: 'MEX', label: t`Mexico` },{ value: 'MHL', label: t`Marshall Islands` },{ value: 'MKD', label: t`Macedonia, the former Yugoslav Republic of` },{ value: 'MLI', label: t`Mali` },{ value: 'MLT', label: t`Malta` },{ value: 'MMR', label: t`Myanmar` },{ value: 'MNE', label: t`Montenegro` },{ value: 'MNG', label: t`Mongolia` },{ value: 'MNP', label: t`Northern Mariana Islands` },{ value: 'MOZ', label: t`Mozambique` },{ value: 'MRT', label: t`Mauritania` },{ value: 'MSR', label: t`Montserrat` },{ value: 'MTQ', label: t`Martinique` },{ value: 'MUS', label: t`Mauritius` },{ value: 'MWI', label: t`Malawi` },{ value: 'MYS', label: t`Malaysia` },{ value: 'MYT', label: t`Mayotte` },{ value: 'NAM', label: t`Namibia` },{ value: 'NCL', label: t`New Caledonia` },{ value: 'NER', label: t`Niger` },{ value: 'NFK', label: t`Norfolk Island` },{ value: 'NGA', label: t`Nigeria` },{ value: 'NIC', label: t`Nicaragua` },{ value: 'NIU', label: t`Niue` },{ value: 'NLD', label: t`Netherlands` },{ value: 'NOR', label: t`Norway` },{ value: 'NPL', label: t`Nepal` },{ value: 'NRU', label: t`Nauru` },{ value: 'NZL', label: t`New Zealand` },{ value: 'OMN', label: t`Oman` },{ value: 'PAK', label: t`Pakistan` },{ value: 'PAN', label: t`Panama` },{ value: 'PCN', label: t`Pitcairn` },{ value: 'PER', label: t`Peru` },{ value: 'PHL', label: t`Philippines` },{ value: 'PLW', label: t`Palau` },{ value: 'PNG', label: t`Papua New Guinea` },{ value: 'POL', label: t`Poland` },{ value: 'PRI', label: t`Puerto Rico` },{ value: 'PRK', label: t`Korea, Democratic People's Republic of` },{ value: 'PRT', label: t`Portugal` },{ value: 'PRY', label: t`Paraguay` },{ value: 'PSE', label: t`Palestine, State of` },{ value: 'PYF', label: t`French Polynesia` },{ value: 'QAT', label: t`Qatar` },{ value: 'REU', label: t`Réunion` },{ value: 'ROU', label: t`Romania` },{ value: 'RUS', label: t`Russian Federation` },{ value: 'RWA', label: t`Rwanda` },{ value: 'SAU', label: t`Saudi Arabia` },{ value: 'SDN', label: t`Sudan` },{ value: 'SEN', label: t`Senegal` },{ value: 'SGP', label: t`Singapore` },{ value: 'SGS', label: t`South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands` },{ value: 'SHN', label: t`Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha` },{ value: 'SJM', label: t`Svalbard and Jan Mayen` },{ value: 'SLB', label: t`Solomon Islands` },{ value: 'SLE', label: t`Sierra Leone` },{ value: 'SLV', label: t`El Salvador` },{ value: 'SMR', label: t`San Marino` },{ value: 'SOM', label: t`Somalia` },{ value: 'SPM', label: t`Saint Pierre and Miquelon` },{ value: 'SRB', label: t`Serbia` },{ value: 'SSD', label: t`South Sudan` },{ value: 'STP', label: t`Sao Tome and Principe` },{ value: 'SUR', label: t`Suriname` },{ value: 'SVK', label: t`Slovakia` },{ value: 'SVN', label: t`Slovenia` },{ value: 'SWE', label: t`Sweden` },{ value: 'SWZ', label: t`Swaziland` },{ value: 'SXM', label: t`Sint Maarten (Dutch part)` },{ value: 'SYC', label: t`Seychelles` },{ value: 'SYR', label: t`Syrian Arab Republic` },{ value: 'TCA', label: t`Turks and Caicos Islands` },{ value: 'TCD', label: t`Chad` },{ value: 'TGO', label: t`Togo` },{ value: 'THA', label: t`Thailand` },{ value: 'TJK', label: t`Tajikistan` },{ value: 'TKL', label: t`Tokelau` },{ value: 'TKM', label: t`Turkmenistan` },{ value: 'TLS', label: t`Timor-Leste` },{ value: 'TON', label: t`Tonga` },{ value: 'TTO', label: t`Trinidad and Tobago` },{ value: 'TUN', label: t`Tunisia` },{ value: 'TUR', label: t`Turkey` },{ value: 'TUV', label: t`Tuvalu` },{ value: 'TWN', label: t`Taiwan, Province of China` },{ value: 'TZA', label: t`Tanzania, United Republic of` },{ value: 'UGA', label: t`Uganda` },{ value: 'UKR', label: t`Ukraine` },{ value: 'UMI', label: t`United States Minor Outlying Islands` },{ value: 'URY', label: t`Uruguay` },{ value: 'USA', label: t`United States of America` },{ value: 'UZB', label: t`Uzbekistan` },{ value: 'VAT', label: t`Holy See` },{ value: 'VCT', label: t`Saint Vincent and the Grenadines` },{ value: 'VEN', label: t`Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic of` },{ value: 'VGB', label: t`Virgin Islands, British` },{ value: 'VIR', label: t`Virgin Islands, U.S.` },{ value: 'VNM', label: t`VietNam` },{ value: 'VUT', label: t`Vanuatu` },{ value: 'WLF', label: t`Wallis and Futuna` },{ value: 'WSM', label: t`Samoa` },{ value: 'YEM', label: t`Yemen` },{ value: 'ZAF', label: t`South Africa` },{ value: 'ZMB', label: t`Zambia` },{ value: 'ZWE', label: t`Zimbabwe` }]

Const restroomSignIcons

restroomSignIcons: string[] = ['allGender','female','male','personInWheelchair','changingTable','baby','family','urinal','washBasin','toiletBowl']

Const signLanguageCodes

signLanguageCodes: string[] = ['ase','sgn-ase','sgn-ase-US','sgn-GH-EP','sgn-DZ','sgn-US','sgn-AR','sgn-AM','sgn-AU-NT','sgn-AU','sgn-AT','sgn-ID-BA','sgn-BE-VLG','sgn-BE-WAL','sgn-BO','sgn-BR','sgn-GB','sgn-BG','sgn-ES-CT','sgn-TD','sgn-CL','sgn-CN','sgn-CO','sgn-CR','sgn-CZ','sgn-DK','sgn-NL','sgn-EC','sgn-SV','sgn-CA-NU','sgn-ET','sgn-FI','sgn-CA-QC','sgn-FR','sgn-DE','sgn-GH','sgn-GR','sgn-GT','sgn-US-HI','sgn-HK','sgn-IS','sgn-ID','sgn-IN','sgn-IE','sgn-IL','sgn-IT','sgn-JM','sgn-JP','sgn-JO','sgn-KE','sgn-KR','sgn-MY-B','sgn-LV','sgn-LY','sgn-LT','sgn-FR-69','sgn-MY','sgn-MT','sgn-US-MA','sgn-MX-YUC','sgn-MX','sgn-VA','sgn-MN','sgn-MA','sgn-NA','sgn-NP','sgn-NZ','sgn-NI','sgn-NG','sgn-NO','sgn-CA-NS','sgn-GB-KEN','sgn-MY-P','sgn-IR','sgn-PE','sgn-PH','sgn-US-SD','sgn-PL','sgn-PT','sgn-CO-SAP','sgn-PR','sgn-SB','sgn-RO','sgn-RU','sgn-SA','sgn-SE-crp','sgn-SG','sgn-SK','sgn-ZA','sgn-ES','sgn-LK','sgn-SE','sgn-CH-GE','sgn-CH-ZH','sgn-CH-TI','sgn-TW','sgn-TZ','sgn-TH','sgn-TN','sgn-TR','sgn-UG','sgn-UA','sgn-BR-MA','sgn-UY','sgn-VE','sgn-IL-yid','sgn-YU','sgn-ZM','sgn-ZW','sgn-afr-ZA','sgn-chi-TW','sgn-dan-DK','sgn-dut-BE','sgn-dut-NL','sgn-eng-GB','sgn-eng-IE','sgn-eng-US','sgn-fin-FI','sgn-fre-BE','sgn-fre-CA','sgn-fre-FR','sgn-jpn-JP','sgn-nor-NO','sgn-por-PT','sgn-swe-SE']

Const smokingPolicies

smokingPolicies: object[] = [{ label: t`dedicated to smoking`, value: 'dedicatedToSmoking' },{ label: t`allowed everywhere`, value: 'allowedEverywhere' },{ label: t`only allowed in separate (but not isolated) area`, value: 'inSeparateArea' },{ label: t`only allowed in isolated area`, value: 'inIsolatedArea' },{ label: t`prohibited`, value: 'prohibited' },{ label: t`only outside`, value: 'onlyOutside' }]




  • createSchemaInstance(type: string, definition: object, baseSchema?: SimpleSchema | null, schemaOptions?: object): ExtendedSchema
  • Parameters

    • type: string
    • definition: object
      • [key: string]: SchemaDefinition | SchemaType
    • Default value baseSchema: SimpleSchema | null = null
    • Default value schemaOptions: object = {}
      • Optional check: any
      • Optional humanizeAutoLabels: undefined | false | true
      • Optional tracker: any

    Returns ExtendedSchema

Const determineUnitKind

  • determineUnitKind(schema: SimpleSchema, key: undefined | string): string
  • Parameters

    • schema: SimpleSchema
    • Optional key: undefined | string

    Returns string

    'unknown' or one of the js-quantities unit kinds (e.g. 'length')








  • evaluateToiletWheelmapA11y(data: __type): A11yRating


Const forEachKeyInSchemas

Const getFirstSchemaFromDefinition

  • getFirstSchemaFromDefinition(definition: SchemaDefinition): SimpleSchema


  • getQuantityValue(a: string | number | Quantity): number | string


  • isAndRule(rule: Rule): rule is AndRule

Const isDefinitionTypeArray

  • isDefinitionTypeArray(definition: SchemaDefinition): boolean

Const isDefinitionTypeSchema

  • isDefinitionTypeSchema(definition: SchemaDefinition): boolean


  • isMatchRule(rule: Rule): rule is MatchRule


  • isOrRule(rule: Rule): rule is OrRule

Const logRule

  • logRule(message: string, args: unknown[]): void

Const makeQuantitySchema

  • makeQuantitySchema(kind: string, defaultValue: string): object & SimpleSchema
  • Parameters

    • kind: string
    • defaultValue: string

    Returns object & SimpleSchema


Const parseFloatUnit

  • parseFloatUnit(data: KoboResult, field: KoboKey, unit: string, operator: undefined | string): undefined | Dictionary<undefined | string | number>

Const parseHasArray

Const parseHasEntry

Const parseHasWithDefault

  • parseHasWithDefault(data: KoboResult, field: KoboKey, existsValue: any, doesNotExistValue: any): any

Const parseIntUnit

  • parseIntUnit(data: KoboResult, field: KoboKey, unit: string, operator: undefined | string): undefined | Dictionary<undefined | string | number>

Const parseIsAnyOf

Const parseIsAnyOfEntry

Const parseIsAnyOfWithDefault

  • parseIsAnyOfWithDefault(data: KoboResult, field: KoboKey, list: string[], existsValue: any, doesNotExistValue: any): any

Const parseMultiSelect

Const parseValue

Const parseYesNo

  • parseYesNo(data: KoboResult, field: KoboKey): undefined | null | number | false | true


  • quantityDefinition(type: SchemaType, optional?: boolean, accessibility: undefined | __type): SchemaDefinition
  • Parameters

    • type: SchemaType
    • Default value optional: boolean = true
    • Optional accessibility: undefined | __type

    Returns SchemaDefinition

Const transformKoboToA11y

Const validateUnit

  • validateUnit(kind: string): ValidationFunction
  • Parameters

    • kind: string

    Returns ValidationFunction

    A custom SimpleSchema Validation function

Object literals

Const AccessibleTablesPrefab

AccessibleTablesPrefab: object


height: object


operator: ">=" = ">="


unit: string = "cm"


value: number = 72


spaceBelowDepth: object


operator: ">=" = ">="


unit: string = "cm"


value: number = 50


spaceBelowHeight: object


operator: ">=" = ">="


unit: string = "cm"


value: number = 70


spaceBelowWidth: object


operator: ">=" = ">="


unit: string = "cm"


value: number = 80

Const LocalizedStringSchema

LocalizedStringSchema: object


blackbox: boolean = true


optional: boolean = true


type: ObjectConstructor = Object

Const flatStepHeight

flatStepHeight: object


operator: string = "<="


unit: string = "cm"


value: number = 7

Const fullWheelmapA11yRuleSet

fullWheelmapA11yRuleSet: object


$or: (object | object | object | object | object)[] = [{'properties.accessibility.entrances.0.hasFixedRamp': true},{'properties.accessibility.entrances.0.hasRemovableRamp': true},{'properties.accessibility.entrances.0.stairs.0.count': 0},{'properties.accessibility.entrances.0.stairs': null},{'properties.accessibility.entrances.0.isLevel': true}]

Const partialWheelmapA11yRuleSet

partialWheelmapA11yRuleSet: object


$or: object[] = [{'properties.accessibility.entrances.0.stairs.0.count': 1,'properties.accessibility.entrances.0.stairs.0.stepHeight': {$lte: { value: 7.0, unit: 'cm' }}}]

Const wheelChairWashBasin

wheelChairWashBasin: object


depth: object


operator: string = ">="


unit: string = "cm"


value: number = 50


height: object


operator: string = ">="


unit: string = "cm"


value: number = 80

Const wheelmapToiletA11yRuleSet

wheelmapToiletA11yRuleSet: object


properties.accessibility.restrooms.0.entrance.isLevel: true = true


properties.accessibility.restrooms.0.washBasin.accessibleWithWheelchair: true = true


properties.accessibility.restrooms: object


$exists: true = true


properties.accessibility.restrooms.0: object


$exists: true = true


properties.accessibility.restrooms.0.toilet: object


$exists: true = true


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