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Accessibility for generic places of interest (PoIs)

To describe a generic place of interest, you can use the PlaceInfo type – the main place-of-interest object type in A11yJSON.

This type builds upon the Feature object type defined by GeoJSON (RFC 7946), so if you create an API delivering PlaceInfo objects, it might make sense to deliver them as a GeoJSON FeatureCollection object.

If you have no idea what this means: GeoJSON simplifies showing places on maps, and allows to load the data into common tools for geo-data processing (for example, QGIS) and web maps.

Example: a tourism office

The following JSON describes a tourism office in Saxonia, Germany, as PlaceInfo with PlaceProperties.

The office features wheelchair accessible parking. The restrooms are wheelchair accessible.

Despite having a level entrance (no steps), the building is only partially accessible with a wheelchair:

  "geometry": { "type": "Point", "coordinates": [11.14204, 51.78911] },
  "properties": {
    "category": "tourism",
    "name": "Quedlinburg-Information",
    "accessibility": {
      "parking": {
        "forWheelchairUsers": { "isAvailable": true }
      "entrances": [
        { "isLevel": true }
      "restrooms": [
        { "isAccessibleWithWheelchair": false }
      "accessibleWith": { "guideDog": true },
      "partiallyAccessibleWith": { "wheelchair": true }
    "infoPageUrl": "http://...",
    "phoneNumber": "+49 3946 905-624",
    "placeWebsiteUrl": "",
    "address": {
      "street": "Markt 4 ",
      "postcode": "06484 ",
      "city": "Quedlinburg",
      "state": "Sachsen-Anhalt",
      "country": "Deutschland",
      "countryCode": "DE"